La Nuit des Neiges welcomes you the 16th February 2019

In 2019, la Nuit des Neiges will support...

C'EST FORMIDABLE (Adolf Ogi's family Foundation)
and IFPD (International Foundation for Population and Development)

Created in 2010 in memory of Mathias Ogi, who sadly died at the age of 35 from a rare form of cancer, C'EST FORMIDABLE wants to transmit his values like : the joy of living, efficiency, perseverance, availability and friendship. C'est formidable collaborates with other associations and supports swiss projects promoting self-esteem and social skills for children and teenagers through different sport and cultural activities. Because children are the future and because they are simply FORMIDABLES!

IFPD (International foundation for Population and Development) is a Swiss Foundation created in 1999 and based in Geneva, which actively contributes to the fight against poverty in the most vulnerable communities in the developing countries as well as in Switzerland. The project Helene Watel, highlighted for la Nuit des Neiges 2019, will generate a strong support for the favela of Cantagalo, one of the poorest areas of Rio. This project aims to provide education to the children and teach women how to develop their entrepreunarial skills to escape the poverty and become independant.